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Welcome to Gabrielle Cotoure`s Brain ... lol i am a christian Girl and i have a a passion for God i love to talk about God and devotions. I am extra friendly and i love to meet new people | Instagram\IG - @iamgabbicotoure | Twitter - @Iamgabbicotoure |
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Wait for the man who will put in the time,heart and effort to pursue you. Wait for God to set you up with the one who will put in the time to win your heart.How can He do that if you’re throwing it at him? Be secure in yourself and your Father that you don’t need to throw your heart around and give it away to any man who winks at you. Be a woman, secure in God, deadly to the Devil, feminine in strength, purity and tenderness.Give him the chance to be a man. Position yourself as a woman satisfied in herself and her life. Give yourself to knowing God, give yourself yo loving others, and he will come along side of you. He will already be a man in pursuit of your heart without your help.‪#‎SingleLadies‬

So often when people make mistakes, they get down on themselves and think, “If only…” “I should have…” “What if…?” It’s easy to feel like you’ve missed the best plan for your life. That’s when people get discouraged and stop pursuing their God-given dreams. But understand today, just because you’ve made a mistake or failed in some way doesn’t cancel God’s plan. God never disqualifies you. He never says, “Go sit on the sidelines. You’ve blown it too many times. You’ve got too many weaknesses.” No, God always gives you another chance!

Choose to be a part of what God is doing. Even if it doesn’t make sense right now, even if it is difficult to walk through, even if you can’t see over the mountain. Put your trust in WHO God is. Trust that He has you.
In your day of trouble, He promises to be a help to you. How is He your help? “Help” means something different to each person.


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When you stop trying to find the right man and start trying to be the right woman the right man will find you #singleLadies.
Pastor Naeem